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AlphaÔmega Traduções is in the market to offer free and sworn translations and versions. Including services of technical, simultaneous and consecutive translations.

The company counts on a highly qualified and carefully selected team to meet any demand. Always aiming at quality and punctuality in all projects.

The goal is to translate with excellence from the beginning to the end, regardless the customer’s area.

Mission: To provide translations in several languages ​​for different applications. Always complying with strict quality standards and respecting deadlines.

Vision: To be acknowledged nationwide as a translation company that delivers a high level of perfection is its projects, driven by satisfaction rates of over 90%.


Integrity: Act honestly, through transparent relationships with its stakeholders.
Quality: Care on providing outstanding service to your customers, since the first contact.
Sustainable Relationships: Respect the human factor, making it the main element to maintain relationships.


Sworn Translation

Certified professionals are available to Alpha Ômega Traduções for sworn translations. Translation with public faith, made ​​by officially authorized translators, which will have legal effect as evidence for public institutions, and other institutions that require such work.


Alpha Ômega Traduções knows the complexity of translating a technical text. It is more than simply change literally from one language to another. It is necessary to understand the context presented. Therefore, the company counts on extremely competent and expert professional in several areas. According to the area, the project is allocated to a specific translator who will certainly have the required translation knowhow.

In order to provide a complete service, Alpha Ômega Traduções delivers the work already diagrammed. That is, if the text is in formats from software such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Page Maker, In-Design, Corel Draw, Acrobat, HTML, among others, it is possible to maintain fonts, spreadsheets, images, charts, without changing the file layout.


It is possible to allocate a simultaneous translation expert to accompany fairs, conferences, seminars, business meetings and other events where the presence of an immediate translation is essential.


Paused translations where the person speaks for a few seconds and soon after the translator says it in the desired language. It is used in specific meetings, brief speeches, presentations to a small number of people, among others.



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Alpha Ômega Traduções is able to provide services to small and large companies and self-employed individuals who need to translate letters, e-mail, fax, etc.

Among the fields in which the company is specialized, there is:

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